To be truly prepared, you need to be ready for anything, including the possibility of a chemical warfare attack.

RSDL, a medical countermeasure by Emergent BioSolutions.
For external use only.
Use only if chemical warfare agent exposure is suspected.


In the event of a chemical warfare attack, are you prepared?

The Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion Kit (RSDL) is FDA-cleared and intended to remove and/or neutralize chemical warfare agents (CWA) and T-2 toxin from the skin.1 It’s military-grade, lightweight and starts working in 2 minutes*.2 The threat of exposure to a chemical warfare agent (CWA) is real. Be prepared.

1. RSDL® (Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion Kit). Safety Data Sheet 2017.
2. Data on file. Emergent BioSolutions Inc.

*Based upon laboratory tests; clinical relevance unknown.

Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion Kit

  • Military grade
  • Portable design for quick response
  • Procured by the US military for over 10 years
  • Deployed in over 35 countries


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